About Us

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another” – G.K. Chesterton

What We're All About

Vyasa Vidya Peetham Society is an institution registered under the Societies Act, 1981 with the intention of planning education in line with Indian culture and values of life.
Vyasavidyapeedam is a society affiliated with Bharatiya Vidyaniketan, the Kerala unit of Vidya Bharati, the largest non-governmental education movement operating at the All India level.
In addition to striving for the scientific, technical and moral upliftment of the society, the educational and cultural activities are designed to be conducive to the development of children’s educational and cultural activities in a systematic manner.Develops and implements programs and programs suitable for national education in collaboration with various like-minded educational organizations.
Finds talented and deserving students from marginalized sections of the society, implements scholarship stipend to raise their standard of education and maintains well-run hostels and libraries.Conducts training classes to identify students’ aptitudes at an early age and lead them to other learning opportunities required to pursue such goals at an early age
These things are being done by the society in a non-profit and charitable manner

The soul behind the stepping stones of Vyasa Vidya Peethom

Bhaskarjee dedicated his spirit and life time to bring our school at its present status. Born to an established family, this gem of a person left his wealth and came to the needs of the down trodden. This Noble and humble man thrived to bring a novel ideology in the field of education. This lead to the path of establishing Vyasa Vidya Peethom .

In its budding stage, our school followed the gurukulam way of learning strategies and soon the doors of this abode of knowledge was open to the students in all the walks of the society.