Embellished with a picturesque backdrop of Western Ghats, the school  has an easy access as per its location.  Situated on Palakkad- Shornur  road, an easy access to the school is possible by al means. Our campus is extended to an elusive 26 acres of land. The grand area is marked for its serenity and green ecology. Away from the daily rush of the town ,it guarantees safe and secure campus for students.

Furnished with an enormous infrastructure , our school meets with all all the modern requirements of children nowadays. Equipped with advanced technology, our labs ensure a varied learning experience for students. It also includes a well maintained library with an ample collection of books.

Panchanga Sikshanam

An amalgamation of five ideologies of Vidya Bharathi  give a different stand to our education system. These include Yoga, Music, Dance, Spiritual education and sports. Importance to all genres of learning  is taken into consideration.


Yoga- Internationally acclaimed values of Yoga is taught under the supervision of trained Acharyas and children practice it regularly.

Music- Rhythm of life is best felt through music.Music is also given supreme importance making students learn the beats and songs of valued notions like ( celebration and patriotism)

Dance- Children should be aware of the vivid art forms. The traditional dance forms are introduxes to children under talented gurus and prepare them for all levels of competitions.

Sports- We follow a single motto- ‘Sports for all not for few’. Our students have come out with extra ordinary achievements in this area. Several camps on different games are organized to boost up their enthusiasm. Trainers from well known organization indulge in keen activities for our children. In addition to , a 400 m track is maintained for the students  to practice as well as for organizing several sports meet. Thus, catering to the overall development of a child.

Spiritual education (naithik). To instill a spiritual mind in our students, strong efforts are taken. They are introduced to spiritual books like Bhagavat Geetha, and literature work of several great authors. They imbibe the qualities of humbleness, politeness and patriotism through naithikim. It is more about learning the true meaning of being a bhartheeyan.

Academic activities

A systematic and uniform assessment criteria is followed in the school. It is monitored by the school academic Council. Through periodical tests , activities, projects and terminal exams, a child’s performance is estimated. The overall development of a child in scholastic and co-scholastic area is given more emphasis.

Day Care

Our kids need exclusive nurturing in their homely environment. Our school gives an opportunity to all the working parents to send their children in a free and safe atmosphere.  We help them to strengthen their basic learning. Providing enough play area and nourished food.

Hostel Services

Vyas Bhavanam attached to our school is an abode to resident scholars (both for girls and boys). It provides a homely and caring environment to them. Not only students from our state stay here, but our efforts have been successful to bring students from the distant places of our country (north eastern states). They are a given strict but disciplined training to integrate all social and moral values. They are offered clean rooms and healthy diet so that they always feel  like at home.


A divine temple is the key place situated in the campus aimed to bring  a strong religious ethos  in our children. A spiritual ambiance is triggered by the prayers offered to the major dieties like Balathipanasampathi ( Vidya  Sampthi),Shakti Ganapathi , Lord Haigreevan and Dakshina Murthy. Offerings and prayers of all are accepted in its full swing. Our temple becomes a center of   hindu rituals and traditions asscociated with our culture.

NDA Training

Integrated Defence Oriented plus 2 Course has been designed to prepare the students not only academically to pass the NDA/NA written test but also to prepare them physically, emotionally and mentally to undergo the highly selective Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview process without compromising the curriculum standards specified by CBSE. These objectives are to be achieved by having a faculty of well qualified academic teachers and experienced officer cadre mentors from all the three defence services.”a noble initiative and joint venture of Vyasa Vidya Peethom Society, Kallekkad, Palakkad and Defence Service Officers Institute


Mothers’ forum of our school actively functions as Mathrusamithi. This is a symbolic representation of mothers participationin school activities.. Talented mother of our students offer their valuable time and service to our school. Strengthening our relation

Teaching Staff

Sociable and well qualified team of teachers add up to the virtue of our school. Individual attention of children is taken into deep concern. Each child is unique  – this leads every teacher to  their venture. Our teachers visit our student’s places occasionally thereby maintaining a healthy and pretty relation with them and family. Thus encouraging the thought- school in society and society in school.


Other Facilities