NDA/NA Coaching

Defence Coaching

A critical study of the past statistics of young people joining Military Training Institutions like NDA, IMA, AFA and INA to become officers reveals that only about 3-4% students from Kerala join these institutions. This is a glaring anomaly when compared with other states, especially the Northern states, despite the established fact where Kerala reigns supreme in high literacy rate, higher educational standards and undoubtedly a more intelligent student community. A deliberate analysis of such an alarming situation by a group of retired officers of Army, Navy and Air Force after a number of brain storming sessions at Palakkad, it was summarily concluded that while there is a visible lack of awareness about defence services among parents and students as also the non-availability of purposeful guidance and coaching to the students.  
As a plausible measure to ease the gravity of such a situation and to increase the representation of Kerala youth in Defence Training Institutions, Government of Kerala had instituted certain monetary incentives like Rs. 2 lacs for those joining NDA, IMA, AFA and INA and Rs. 1 lac for those joining Military Nursing courses. Defence Services’ Officers Institute (DSOI), a registered non-profit organisation at Palakkad comprising of senior retired officers from the three Defence Services, decided to take up a remedial challenge. Accordingly, DSOI, Palakkad launched a programme titled ‘SAINIK PRASHIKSHAN’ with the following objectives: –
  • Create awareness among students through Audio Visual Presentations in all schools and colleges.
  • Guide and coach interested students through various theoretical and practical training methods.

Options available to the students are

  1. BASIC COURSE. This is meant for those students who are scattered all over and studying in various schools but aspiring for a career as an Officer in Defence Services. Any student from classes 9 to 12 may join this course. Click here for more details.
  2. CRASH COURSE. Students who have applied for upcoming UPSC NDA/NA exams may opt for this course. Click here for more details
  3. REFERESHER COURSE. These courses are conducted during long school vacations and meant for school students only.
  4. SERVICE SELECTION BOARD (SSB) INTERVIEW COACHING. These courses are conducted for those students who are called for SSB Interview or expecting to clear written exam and likely to be called for SSB Interview.

Basic Course


Any student from any school from classes 9 to 12 can join the Basic Course. This course is meant to motivate and guide students who are desirous of appearing for NDA/INA exam.



  • Every month students of each class of this course will receive question papers on all subjects pertaining to respective classes. They are expected to find answers at home as home work. Keys to the question papers will be sent at the end each month.
  • Once a month all students of this course are expected to attend a day long mentoring session at Vyasa Vidya Peethom Higher Secondary School at Kallekad (Palakkad). These Mentoring sessions have the following aims: –
  1. To have personal interaction with students.
  2. To motivate them.
  3. To identify their difficulties in learning and suggest means to improve.
  4. To improve their English communication skills.
  • To join the course the student should register himself/herself by paying Rs. 500/- for one training cycle. A training cycle is from 1 Jun of a year to 31 Jan of next year. Renewal fee for the subsequent training cycles is Rs. 300/-.
  • For registration contact Officer-in-charge at Mobile Number 8289943626



 To give short, intense and focused preparatory academic coaching to NDA/NA aspirants.


The Crash Courses will be conducted just before the UPSC NDA/NA exams. Since the exams are twice a year in April and September the Crash will be accordingly held during the period Jan- Mar and Jun- Aug each year. Experienced and dedicated faculty will impart the coaching as per NDA/NA syllabus.  All portions of classes 11 and 12 subjects will be revised. Through repeated model exams and discussion, it is proposed to achieve the result. Current Affairs and General knowledge are part of the curriculum.


It is seen that most of the students are likely to be busy with their school curriculum and activities during academic sessions. So, the coaching will be during early mornings, weekends and holidays. Approximately 100 periods of 45 minutes each will be utilised overall.



Fees for the course will be Rs. 5000 per student.


Vyasa Vidya Peethom Higher Secondary School at Kallekad (Palakkad).



To revise all portions of all subjects of classes 11 and 12.


This course will be conducted during the summer holidays each year, separately for 11th and 12th students as per CBSE syllabus. This is a residential course.


This course will be for a duration of 1 month with Sunday holidays. No other holidays are allowed in between.


Tuition fees for the course will be Rs. 5000. Hostel fees including messing will be separate and likely in the range of Rs. 250 per day.


Vyasa Vidya Peethom Higher Secondary School at Kallekad (Palakkad).



To expose students to the SSB procedure.


The faculty will have experienced defence officers, who have the requisite experience and expertise. The students will put through the SSB procedures and practice them.


The coaching will be for a duration of 10 days. It will be  


Rs. 10,000/- which includes hostel and messing charges.


Vyasa Vidya Peethom Higher Secondary School at Kallekad (Palakkad).

Integrated Defence / Navy Oriented Plus 2 Course

Registration procedure for admission to NDA/NA Coaching Integrated +2 courses starts…. Integrated Defence Oriented plus 2 Course has been designed to prepare the students not only academically to pass the NDA/NA written test but also to prepare them physically, emotionally and mentally to undergo the highly selective Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview process without compromising the curriculum standards specified by CBSE. These objectives are to be achieved by having a faculty of well qualified academic teachers and experienced retired Defence Service Officers mentors from all the three defence services. A noble initiative and joint venture of Vyasa Vidya Peethom Society, Kallekkad, Palakkad and Defence Service Officers Institute


  • Integrated Defence Oriented plus 2 Course (IDOP2) has been conceived with the vision of nurturing potential student aspirants from an early stage (after their Class X) and equipping them with the requisite skills so as to meet the challenges of the three-stage selection process to reach National Defence Academy (NDA)/ Naval Academy (NA).
  • Professional Soldiering continues to remain the cynosure of a majority of students on the threshold of selecting a career option. The lure of the uniform, the pride in serving the nation, the unique social status and the unmatchable quality of life is an irresistible; and compelling the youth to join the Defence Services.
  • The only stumbling block is the gross ignorance of the entire selection process and the preparations that go into it; both on the part of the aspirants and their parents. IDOP2 is an ideal course to overcome this ignorance. IDOP2 not only prepares the candidates with the requisite skills for the entire selection process but also transforms their entire personality.
  • The course content and structure are designed to prepare the candidates mentally, physically and academically for undergoing the NDA/NA selection process without compromising the academic requirements of the regular plus 2 course.


  • The main objective of the IDOP2 is to motivate, guide and coach students over two years so to facilitate their entry into National Defence Academy /Naval Academy after their plus 2 board exams.
  • The focus during two-year period is to provide quality instruction in academics, while concurrently shaping the overall personality of the student capable of fulfilling the exacting mental, physical and emotional standards required for entry into the defence forces.


  • Smart classrooms with projection systems and well laid out tables and chairs are provided. A well-stocked library, computer Centre and modern lab help students to enhance their soft skills.
  • Expansive open grounds provide ample space for physical training and variety of games like football, basketball, volleyball, cricket etc. Martial art ‘Kalari Paiyuttu’ is also included as part the physical activities. The ground also provides enough space for military training like drill and PT.
  • For guide students, to ensure proper discipline and character building, a retired officer from defence services will act as full time Director. A full-time ex-serviceman is the hostel warden and he will look after the discipline, welfare, layout of beds etc. apart from imparting outdoor military training.
  • For mental and emotional conditioning there are yoga sessions and moral lectures and discussions.


Personality development is given great importance. Some of the topics pertaining to personality development are: –

  1. Soft Skills
  2. Communication Skills – Language & Body Language
  3. Empathy & Emotional Quotient
  4. Time Management
  5. Managing criticism, failure & other negative experiences
  6. Team Spirit
  7. Group discussions
  8. Psychological development


Physical training is akin to the activities carried out at NDA/NA but on a lesser scale keeping the age of the students in view. The activities carried out include following:

  1. Physical training.
  2. Drill and marching.
  3. Obstacle course.
  4. Map reading and navigation.
  5. Jungle trekking.
  6. Long march and run.
  7. Excursions.
  8. A visit to NDA (preferably during passing out parade)
  9. YOGA


Sports and games are integral to IDOP2 course since it is great lesson in time management and they provide the spirit of competition that drives them to extra effort. Sports increases self-esteem, mental alertness and they reduce stress and anxiety. Following sports and games are practiced during the games period: –

  1. Athletics.
  2. Football.
  3. Volleyball.
  4. Basketball.
  5. Kabaddi.
  6. Cricket.
  7. Swimming.


  1. It is a fully Residential course
  2. Candidate selected should have to study CBSE science steam in Vyasa Vidya Peethom Kalekkad, Palakkad
  3. Course fee will be approximately 2 Lakh per annum which includes school fees, food and accommodation, school special uniform, additional tuition fees, special trading and coating etc…


Any boy student who has qualified in 10th exam with 70% of mark from any of the recognised educational board is eligible to apply for IDOP2 course.

Stage I: Written Examination

A written examination comprising of Mathematics, English and General Studies.

Stage II: Personal Interview
  1. Candidates declared successful in the written test will be called for personal interview and physical test. on the same day and selected candidates will go for a day’s medical exam at designated hospital on the following day. The candidate will have to bear the cost of medical exam 
  2. Candidates who are declared fit after the medical will be included in the list of successful candidates.  Candidates in the merit list will be given an offer letter which they will be required to acknowledge within a week and pay the first instalment of fees  and confirm the seats. Once the first instalment is paid, the same will not be refunded under any condition. If the fees are not paid on time the candidature will be forfeited.
  3. Parents of successful candidates will be required to execute an indemnity bond, indemnifying the academy and its staff and will not be eligible for any claim in case of any unforeseen events, though the academy will take a group insurance policy and will also take every precaution to ensure a safe journey into the NDA.